Video wedding president nixons daughter

video wedding president nixons daughter

Wedding Of President Nixon's Daughter President Richard Nixon with his daughter, the bride.
On this day in History, Julie Nixon marries David Eisenhower on Dec 22, Learn more about what happened today on Julie Nixon was the daughter of Richard M. Nixon, who was running for president at the time of the wedding. Her groom was the grandson of Related Videos. Deconstructing History: White House.
President Bush called the wedding "spectacular," saying that his daughter and new Jump to video Jenna Bush married in Texas At Tricia Nixon's White House wedding in President Nixon and his daughter danced.

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Her father, in the article he wrote for Ladies Home Journal, mentioned the time he wanted Tricia to be crowned Azalea Queen. Open in new window. Our selection of films for use by news editors and journalists in coverage of important anniversaries, current events or trending topics. Officiating was the Rev. He explained to The Playlist: "I was a little bit frustrated because I made the film right before all the new effects arrived.

video wedding president nixons daughter

Between the end of. Prince Charming: The John F. Seven Weddings All Together. Please ensure you have JavaScript turned on and have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed. Washington announces Linebacker II raids will continue.

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