Tell vasectomy without asking

tell vasectomy without asking

My hubby was planning on getting a vasectomy without telling me! question I would ask would be, why do think your husband didn't tell you?.
When a woman begins seeing a man who claims to have had a vasectomy, she may This form of vasectomy leaves almost no visible scarring once healed.
Remember, a vasectomy means that you will no longer have sperm in Some simple googling will tell you that you still ejaculate and getting  Learning to trust the vasectomy - pregnancy fear.

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Should I at least warn my husband or do I just wait it out to see if Zach can keep his mouth shut? No polling questions or "opinion gathering". It would feel like a huge slap in the face if my spouse went out and did this without telling me. The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care. They are out there and will perform a vasectomy without having to get your wife's consent I'm a woman and I find it ludicrous she would need to consent. THAT was an uncomfortable discussion... There's always a risk.

tell vasectomy without asking

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Tell vasectomy without asking going

Don't give in to it. I heard vasectomies are quick nd the recovery is quick and there is practically no scar. Gee, my partner had a plan to keep me in the dark and quietly keep me from pursuing my life goals if they had happened to change from what they are now? I'd be furious if I were your wife. Give her a little time to come to terms with how betrayed she feels by your willingness to go behind her back. It's even more crazy that the first thing that crosses some people's mind is "what can I squeeze out of this person? I'm sure it will be a relief for your ex to hear you are happy for her. But I'm right and "everyone" is wrong.

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Because you deliberately left it out and didn't tell her is the reason for her hurt. Who was the surgeon going to call? That is, I included her in discussions, and obviously it could have influenced my decision if she had been strongly against it. Conceiving should never be forced on someone, but ["man made"] infertility either. But I am very uncomfortable around these other mothers and find myself unintentionally in the middle of the Mommy Wars. They said that there was really nothing else they could do if the third failed, but nothing so far. See how I'm listening all this stuff?